Sun yue said his recovery now than plan fast a month or so, but only to recover to the ideal state of five to sixty percent.

"Can now have some ball and shooting training, but still lacking on strength, strength at heart I was doing or don't dare to completely, also some fear." Sun yue to the Beijing youth daily reporter said, "I went wholesale jerseys vip back to the stadium should be soon, but feeling is still need some time to find game, after all, I have not played in a summer training session."

In the two months ago, Sun Yuegang surgery after returning from the United States, in wholesale jerseys cheap the famous expert Dr Bob Chen's team under the rehabilitation training. At that time, sun wholesale jerseys free shipping yue's arm isn't completely bent, and every day for three hours or so of physical therapy and rehabilitation training, also can't touch the ball. And a month after that, sun yue can make some steps with the ball, training, and then slowly, wholesale jerseys reviews he also gradually to complete practice dribbling and shooting. Sun yue said: "I now recover faster than the plan a month or so."

Although recovered faster than expected, but far from recovery to the ideal state. Seen in the last wholesale jerseys from china few days of training, sun yue when dribbling also is not very smooth, "because my joints before surgery is to tighten, this will affect the action of the degree of activity, is now gradually by stretching, treatment for these joints, muscles, which can stretch gradually open." Sun yue to north green news reporter said, "I feel now restored only five to sixty percent."

Sun yue, north green newspaper reporter revealed the following some rehabilitation program, with the team to play against may need about a month, for the new season before the start of can do it. And to fully find feeling, also need a period of time.

Yue said: "the beginning of my in the mind is in wholesale jerseys online a hurry, sometimes frustrating, but marbury, min guidance (kind of problem) speak to me, now his rehabilitation is not a worry in heart can solve a problem. Only adjust good state of mind, can think calmly, and wholesale jerseys nike do what you should do. If rushed, but effect can be very bad. So I now state of mind adjust. Only oneself really healed, went up to the field to help the team better."

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